Are duplicate priorities (priority) safe?

Is it ok for multiple routers to have the same priority value? It seems to work fine in local testing, but would rather ask incase it's a problem.

The reason I ask is that we have a shed load of apps and there are only a few where I really need to have some sort of priority due to overlaps. It's only for local development anyway.

It would be easier to manage if I can just assign a priority of say 100 to general apps rather than having to worry about them all being unique.

Hello @sparkacus,

If you assign the same priority to multiple routers, then they may order differently as against other routers with the same priority.

If none of the routers in the same priority overlap, then you should have no issues, as it won't matter in what order they are matched.

Setting a priority of 100 to your general apps should cause no issues, and should leave you lots of room to give overlaps higher or lower priority.

@daniel.tomcej - Thank you very much for your response.