Traffic stops accepting connections on certain entryPoints after running for about a week

Hi! I have a problem that traefik seems to stop listening to random entry points after days of working just fine. A restart (without ANY configuration change or reboot of any other system or application) fixes the issue immediately, only for it to reappear days later.
Config looks somewhat like this, but I do not know if that helps at all:

  level = "DEBUG"

    address = ":8081"
    address = ":80"
    address = ":90"
    address = ":91"
    address = ":443"

  email = "usrname@domain.tld"
  storage = "acme.json"
    entryPoint = "web"

  directory = "./dyn"

  dashboard = true

And I am running the traefik binary

Version:      2.4.8
Codename:     livarot
Go version:   go1.16.2
Built:        2021-03-23T15:48:39Z
OS/Arch:      darwin/amd64

I can really not give much more info, that's why my primary goal/question with this post is: How can I get more information on this bug/problem? It is obviously very frustrating to test, since it takes very long for the issue to occur. As I said earlier, even on log level DEBUG I could not find anything relevant. It just logs the requests from the entry points that still work.

This issue seems relevant: Traefik web entrypoint dies randomly · Issue #8071 · traefik/traefik · GitHub

Oh! Actually there is something in the logs. My search tool just stopped searching after a few thousand log entries. Embarrassing.
The relevant log excerpt is here (I have included the previous and next unrelated message to show that there is indeed no further info) - - [06/Apr/2021:06:31:05 +0000] "POST /vendor/phpunit/phpunit/src/Util/PHP/eval-stdin.php HTTP/1.1" 404 25 "-" "-" 3679 "HouseControl@file" "" 2ms
ERRO[2021-04-06T08:31:05+02:00] set tcp [::c0a8:117]:80-> setsockopt: invalid argument  entryPointName=web
ERRO[2021-04-06T08:31:05+02:00] Error while starting server: set tcp [::c0a8:117]:80-> setsockopt: invalid argument  entryPointName=web
ERRO[2021-04-06T08:31:05+02:00] Error while starting server: set tcp [::c0a8:117]:80-> setsockopt: invalid argument  entryPointName=web
DEBU[2021-04-06T08:32:24+02:00] URL.Path is now /vwid3//carStatus.php (was //carStatus.php).  middlewareName=dev-idddatalogger-qualifier@file middlewareType=AddPrefix
DEBU[2021-04-06T08:32:24+02:00] vulcand/oxy/roundrobin/rr: begin ServeHttp on request  Request="{\"Method\":\"GET\",\"URL\":{\"Scheme\":\"\",\"Opaque\":\"\",\"User\":null,\"Host\":\"\",\"Path\":\"/vwid3//carStatus.php\",\"RawPath\":\"\",\"ForceQuery\":false,\"RawQuery\":\"key=REDACTED\",\"Fragment\":\"\",\"RawFragment\":\"\"},\"Proto\":\"HTTP/2.0\",\"ProtoMajor\":2,\"ProtoMinor\":0,\"Header\":{\"Accept\":[\"*/*\"],\"Accept-Encoding\":[\"gzip, deflate, br\"],\"Accept-Language\":[\"en-gb\"],\"User-Agent\":[\"Scriptable/177 CFNetwork/1220.1 Darwin/20.3.0\"],\"X-Forwarded-Host\":[\"\"],\"X-Forwarded-Port\":[\"443\"],\"X-Forwarded-Proto\":[\"https\"],\"X-Forwarded-Server\":[\"some-iMac\"],\"X-Real-Ip\":[\"\"]},\"ContentLength\":0,\"TransferEncoding\":null,\"Host\":\"\",\"Form\":null,\"PostForm\":null,\"MultipartForm\":null,\"Trailer\":null,\"RemoteAddr\":\"\",\"RequestURI\":\"/vwid3//carStatus.php?key=REDACTED\",\"TLS\":null}"

After that log entry (which occurred 2 days after starting), no further requests are handled on the web entrypoint.

Does anyone have any idea how to mitigate this? Even having traefik really crash when this occurs so it can restart would be better than it silently half-dieing.