TraefikV2 Consul rootkey

I'm just getting started with traefik and Consul.
I've 3 independent running traefikV2.4.9 instances and want to manage my configurations with Consul and ConsulCatalog.
Therefore, I'm trying to keep my configurations for each instance at one rootkey, because I'm using consul for multiple applications.

So I try to do sth like that:

command via cli:

-- -providers.consul.endpoints=consul-consul-server.default.svc.cluster.local:8500
-- -providers.consul.rootkey="traefikV2/cluster1"
-- -log.level=debug

Unfortunately, I'm getting this debug from traefik:

time="2021-07-16T19:41:02Z" level=debug msg="WatchTree: traefikV2/cluster1"
time="2021-07-16T19:41:02Z" level=debug msg="List: traefikV2/cluster1"
time="2021-07-16T19:41:02Z" level=error msg="KV connection error: Key not found in store, retrying in 10.021022776s" providerName=consul

Does anybody know whether this setup is possible and could help me?

Hello @Raskosk,

Can you provide a sample of the keys that are present in consul?

The log shows that your root key configuration is being loaded, but that there are no keys returned when a list is run...

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Thanks, I didn't pay attention to the fact that key-value pairs also had to be created

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