Is the any way to store key values in consul using "traefik storeconfig" from the .toml config file without also having a [file] provider?

Without the [file] provider specified in the config, when I call "traefik storeconfig" it doesn't pull any of the data from the .toml config file to the kv store in consul.

With the [file] provider, the configuration is pulled into the consul kvstore, however, the consul and file provider have conflicting back/frontends, and certain dynamic changes to the consul provider are then not reflected by Traefik (I touched on this in a post yesterday) . Conflicting changes to consul include changing just the url of a backend in consul provider while the static file provider is not changed, routing conflicts.

Is there a way to have the convenience of populating the kvstore with "traefik storeconfig" and changing it dynamically without the static [file] provider causing trouble?

I was able to do this with a workaround,

  1. compose-up traefik service pointing to a toml config file with [file] and [consul], and consul service, traefik storeconfig into the consul.
  2. remove the traefik container.
  3. compose-up traefik service pointing to a different toml file, with only the [consul] flag.

But this really should be a feature, instead of requiring a convoluted series of steps.