Certificates in consul?

Its not clear how (or if its possible) to store certificate base64 data in consul when consul is being used as a configuration provider.

Attaching Consul as a configuration provider to Traefik provides a way to provide dynamic configuration to Traefik without needing direct access to the filesystem, or restart containers or anything, except, when configuring a new https/tls endpoint, when populating tls:certificates: or tls:stores: it always wants a "certFile: /path/to/file"

This is a problem - we implemented Consul to avoid needing to manage and accessing files.

Hello @chrisbecke

For storing certificates I would recommend using Vault as a Key-Value Data store when you can manually upload TLS certificates and Traefik will pick up the appropriate certificates that match a domain name.

Here is the recording explaining how it should be configured. Tutorial: How to Use Traefik Enterprise and Vault // Traefik Labs - YouTube

It also works fine for Traefik Proxy, so don't be surprised that in the video we use enterprise edition.

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