Traefik - web provider is not persisting on docker-compose down,up

Configurations made via api goes off after docker-compose. Is there any specific files being modified when doing a PUT. Does it need to be bind or volume mount to keep the configurations persistent ?

Configurations made via api are not persisted. I understand, this is by design.

@zespri Thanks for the quick response, is there any work around to achieve persistency by any chance ?

A couple of thoughts:

  1. Read up on static vs dynamic configurations, it will help to set the scene
  2. File Provider, can hot-reload configuration, so if you change it in a file instead of via API you can leverage natural persistance of a file

I majority of traefik use case dynamic configuration is supplied by the orchestration you are using, so normally this is not an issue, though I understand there are many different usage scenarios and some are less frequent than the others.

You might want to explain a bit more, why you want to configure via the API and persist that, that is what is your usage scenario, just to validate we are not missing something obvious.

@zespri , Our need was to add application containers to traefik with a python script, since we don't have any orchestration tools running in our environment right now.
We found ease in generating json files by taking user inputs( host, pathprefix, port ) using python script.
But with your suggestion I feel, file provider would be the right approach rather than rest.