Configuration via REST-API is gone?

Hey there,
I've been assigned to check if switching to Traefik v2 was beneficial for our cloud application.

We do have a dynamic application (services are started/terminated based on demand/load) however it is not containerized. Thus we currently use the REST-API in Traefik v1 to configure frontends and backends.

In v2 it seems like the configuration via REST-API is gone? Am I missing something? Will this be implemented later? How am I supposed to configure Traefik at runtime?


The REST provider has never been deprecated.

The REST provider is available in v2, but for now it's not documented.

Hey @ldez ,

How can I enable rest api? I have tried using rest@internal but got an error rest is not enabled .

I have these lines in my config, do I need to add anything else?

      debug = true
      dashboard = true
      insecure = true


Never mind, I figured it out. I needed [] in my config.


Is it not documented just due to the lack of time and human resources or is it going to be somehow changed in the nearest future?

We have deploys both using docker-compose and k8s and we want to migrate from another tool. However we are a little bit uncertain whether we can use REST provider due to the fact that it is not officially documented in v2.0.

Thank you in advance.

A bit of both: it's lack of time (we need to find a way to automate this part) and changes will be done but as always "no breaking changes".

So you can use it without fear, it's stable and we will not break it.

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