Traefik session stickiness based on Backend service cookie?

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Is it possible that traefik can use the cookie generated by the backend service for session stickiness or stickiness based on value coming in the HTTP request header?. When user login with our HTTP service a session cookie containing JWT is send to the user. Can Traefik use this cookie for stickiness? The problem why I need that is from the same machine the user can open another browser to login with our backend server that is behind the Traefik load balancer in that case load balancer might send it to another backened service. I want all the request from the user machine goes to same server initially decided by load balancer in all cases.


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Same need for KeyCloak : keycloak-documentation/sticky-sessions.adoc at master · keycloak/keycloak-documentation · GitHub

The load-balancing should be based on AUTH_SESSION_ID KeyCloak cookie whose format is <session-id>.<owner-node-id>