Enable Sticky session in Traefik (Windows container, Nomad, ASP.NET application)

Working on a windows container using Nomad with Traefik Load balancer. I could run container successfully. But while setting sticky session to true in asp.net web application Nomad job file as below, somehow, I couldn't see any cookies in Developer tools under Application -> Storage -> Cookies. Please correct me, if I am missing something in the configuration.

"Services": [
"Name": "DemoWebApp-WebApps-AspDotNet",
"TaskName": "AspDotNet",
"PortLabel": "http",
"AddressMode": "auto",
"Address": "",
"EnableTagOverride": false,
"Tags": [

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Please help me with my request.

I am running this job using .hcl file.

Sticky sessions doc.