Traefik on DigitalOcean

Hello Community,
I doing my routing via traefik (deployed via helm) and cert-mananger on a digital-ocean kubernetes cluster.

all is working fine. But i notice that every Ingress object creates an service with type load balancer and it get exposed via port 80 (this mean not secure and so on).

I am not sure if this is because of traefik or digital ocean config. But i want disable it somehow.

Is there some annotation or something to disable it?

Btw: i manually deleted them and all still works fine (therefore i really do not need them), but ofc it will created again after i update/redploy my helm chart


You just gotta love that complicated k8s thing :laughing: Did you check DO's tutorial?

Yes, i checked again the DO guide and i checked again my charts and noticed some old services.yaml left from type loadbalancer (i very ashamed thats such a error)

now all is working fine and DO not creating any more any additional FW clearance.


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