Traefik is redirecting all traffic to dashboard if no Path is specified in URL - Traefik with ECS

I am configuring traefik as a router for AWS ECS. What is happening is that if I open the domain it opens up dashboard even though I have not added any rules for this domain. When I try to open and have also added docker labels to a service with to the service this needs to be forwarded , I am being redirected to and again the dashboard for traefik shows up. If I provide any endpoint to the url, it works like this works perfectly fine and opens the home page for . For some reason the domain is not working as it is not being forwarded to the service which has the rules.

My traefik toml file is

debug = true
logLevel = "DEBUG"

defaultEntryPoints = ["http"]

    address = ":6060"

filePath = "/var/log/process.log"
format = "json"

filePath = "/var/log/traefik.log"
format = "json"
  defaultMode = "keep"

  entryPoint = "http"
  dashboard = true

  entryPoint = "http"

# Enable ECS Provider.
clusters = ["ExampleECS"]
watch = true
domain = ""
autoDiscoverClusters = false
refreshSeconds = 15
exposedByDefault = false
region = "eu-west-1"
accessKeyID = "XXXXXXXXXX"

The Labels I have defined on the docker container are in the Task Definition in ECS are

"dockerLabels": {
        "traefik.frontend.rule": "",
        "traefik.enable": "true",
        "traefik.protocol": "http",
        "traefik.backend.loadbalancer.method": "wrr",
        "traefik.backend.loadbalancer.stickiness": "true",
        "traefik.backend.loadbalancer.stickiness.cookieName": "true",
        "traefik.frontend.protocol": "http",
        "traefik.port": "9050",
        "traefik.domain": "",
        "traefik.frontend.passHostHeader": "true",
        "traefik.frontend.entryPoints": "http"

I am unable to figure out why is not opening the beta app.

My Traefik is behind an AWS ALB in a target group. I have set proper rules on the ALB as the traffic is being forwarded to Traefik.

Can someone explain to me as to why this is happening.