Dashboard inaccessible


I'm running Traefik via the standard docker image. It is successfully redirecting traffic to https and the certificate was obtained successfully. As the subject suggests, my dashboard is inaccessible. I even went so far as to add an A record for manage.mydomain.net, which did not help.

This is the command that I ran to create the container:

docker run -d       -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock       -v $PWD/traefik.toml:/traefik.toml       -v $PWD/acme.json:/acme.json       -p 80:80       -p 443:443       -l traefik.frontend.rule=Host:manage.mydomain.net       -l traefik.port=8080 --api.dashboard=true --api.insecure=true      --network web       --name traefik --restart unless-stopped       traefik:1.7.2-alpine

My traefik.toml file is:

defaultEntryPoints = ["http", "https"]

    address = ":8080"
        users = ["admin:$SOMETHING"]
    address = ":80"
        entryPoint = "https"
    address = ":443"


email = "REDACTED@gmail.com"
storage = "acme.json"
entryPoint = "https"
onHostRule = true
  entryPoint = "http"

domain = "REDACTED.net"
watch = true
network = "web"

My server's hostname is "mydomain . net" (the root of the domain). Again, https works and http redirection works, but I cannot access the dashboard via manage. mydomain. net, 192.168.1.xxx:8080, 192.168.1.xxx:8080/dashboard.

Any thoughts on what I've done incorrectly and how to fix it? Thank you!