[ECS Provider]: Backend service only works after some text after the trailing /

Hello guys,

I think I need some help in labels of the backend service. I have a service called site-counter which only works fine when I have some text after the trailing /, otherwise, it just redirects to dashboard.

🍺  ~$ curl -k -H 'Host: test.cli-api.fun' https://localhost:8000/
<a href="/dashboard/">Found</a>.

🍺  ~$ curl -k -H 'Host: test.cli-api.fun' https://localhost:8000/ss
05b9cefe66a5  -  []  -  View Count:  3
🍺  ~$

My Traffic Flow

End User ---> ALB (HTTP to HTTPS redirection) ---> Traefik Host Port 80 ---> Backend Service

SSL offloads on ALB.

Labels on my ECS service - site-counter


UI Screenshot

Thanks in advance.


Do you have 2 services running (1 at /.+ and 1 at /dashboard) or is /dashboard the traefik dashboard?

I think you have /dashboard as the traefik dashboard by looking at your screenshot of the traefik dashboard.

I would run the dashboard on a different port but you can set a priority in your toml config for the dashboard, e.g. priority = 20.

Can you post your traefik config toml?

Thanks for your response @cmckni3.

I have two services with separate Host headers as in the screenshot. In the past, I never had to run dashboard on a separate port, I always used a file provider (as shown here) with kubernetes provider which worked fine.

It is my bad, I forgot to it here. Now, I've set up both ecs and file providers (on a different dashboard/api port) and everything is working as intended.

Thanks for all your help.

And things still do not work in my corporate environment (which uses proxy), I think I've found a bug.

Cool, I missed the hosts being different in the screenshot.