Traefik as a proxy for docker containers

I have a need for some neat proxy server that would do the best for the server with a single IP. I thought and still think Traefik is the best so far I could find but I may not need some help from gurus out here.

The basic setup:

  • single computer, single IPv4, multiple IPv6
  • Traefik open on port 80. 443. 8080 and 8443 as a backup

I need to use such containers:

  • mailcow container
  • caddy with php-fpm
  • database
  • a few others

Mailcow is a full featured mailing set which I like a lot. When you set up a domain, it generated all certs into a single multi-domain bundle which is where the problem starts. I was absolutely not able to use HTTP-01 challenge with traefik because it colided with mailcow and had to use TLS-01 instead. (1) is there any way to set some exceptions as to what HTTP-01 challenges could be ommited? I did not find anything similar.

Then when this was passed, I could not force Traefik to use the already generated certificates for the mail domains. It is not a certificate for a domain but a single one for all. (2) Is there any option in the services to force some specific certificates to be used when conditions are passed on routers?

I ended up in here, at mailcow because that was crutial and I could not have done it. Any advice is welcome.