Toying with the idea of a mail server ... no idea how to come about it

Hello all,

I'm pondering around the idea of setting up a mail server along the other containers I already have, but I am struggling to define clear information.
The mail server would be only for me, not as a service for others in this case.

I have several containers running behind traefik, with authelia as Authenticating middle-man. I have Let's encrypt in charge of making ssl certificates for the subdomains.

Could anyone give some recommendations as to which mail server could be good, pointers in terms of how to set it up ?

Thanks in advance for any advice.


Not sure what mail servers have to do with Traefik.

If you really want to run your own mailserver, check mailu or iredmail. Usually no one recommends this, it’s really complicated to get your emails not classified as spam.

My recommendation: don’t mix it with Traefik, take a separate host or VM.

Message received, I can't say I was 300% sold on the idea, but I was interested to not have to subscribe to an email service, but at the end of the day, they do it pretty well.
And if on top of it, it's a giant hassle then I'll just let it go...

I don't understand your remark pertaining to what does traefik have to do with mail servers.
Nothing unless traefik is the thing that routes your traffic, and then suddenly traefik has everything to do with it...

We run some mail servers to send transactional emails. I always try to keep them separate from the rest of our IT, as they strongly depend on the external IP with it’s according „reputation“. I prefer to be flexible to move the email server to a different node with different IP anytime.

If you really want to run it behind Traefik, just use a HTTP router for web and TCP router for other used ports.

I realize that it's indeed not a real piece of cake, and to be honest, right now I'm just thinking about it.
Don't have a huge motivation to start the adventure, except for the fun of it, but then if it becomes a huge pain in maintenance, I'm not too keen.
Thanks a lot for the information.