Configuring Traefik without Docker?

Hi all,

I just discovered Traefik and would like to set up a basic reverse proxy on Ubuntu 20.04. However, I don't want to use Docker, I just want to use it as a binary. Here's my ideal setup. I'm mainly looking for help with syntax when it comes to the configuration files.

I plan on running Apache, Jitsi, and possibly a mail server using Mail-in-a-Box on the same server. Each application will be hosted in its own LXC container. I'd like to do something like domain points to the Apache website, chat.domain points to Jitsi, and mail.domain points to the admin/web mail panel for the mail server. I don't need access to the Traefik dashboard. I can figure out how to host all these in their own containers, I just need help making Traefik route traffic to the correct destination. I'd also like to use Let's Encrypt, which shouldn't be a problem since it's supposed to be built-in. Again, I'm mainly looking for the syntax here. Do I have to point each URL to the specific IP address? For example, chat.domain corresponds to http://jitsi_container_private_IP:80, mail.domain corresponds to http://mail_container_private_IP:80, domain points to http://apache_container_private_IP:80, etc? Most of the tutorials I find use Docker, and I can't figure out how it works. I'm much more comfortable using LXC containers. Any help is very much appreciated.