TLS Version in Access.log

Hi there,

is it somehow possible to see the used TLS Versions used by Clients from the access.log ?

We are wondering if we can simply turn off TLS 1.1 but don't have a clue whats the possible impact on our clients.


Hi @lachnerd, from the documentation of Traefik 1.7, the answer is "no" alas: .

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Thank you for your answer - is there a "list-of-all-available-fields" for version 2 also, can't find it.

I was wondering if i can log TLS version after upgrading to traefik 2.0.x.

I'm asking again:
Does anyone know if a "list-of-all-available-fields" for logging for traefik version 2 exists, i can't find any?


the list is here: