Storeconfig source question

Hey, searching github for 'storeconfig' shows only a few results. Could I get a point in the right direction? Honestly I am looking to cheat and have a look see at how the command PUT's the entire traefik.toml file configuration into consul so seamlessly.

I'm not sure what your question is, could you explain a bit more?

Traefik uses to interact with kv store.

Cool. Yeah. So that answers half of my question. I'm looking for the code to see HOW the storeconfig command uses valkeyrie ... But I can search for valkeyrie in the code base to see what comes up. Thanks!

Edit: I've done a search and came up with two results, neither of which could possibly be how you're uploading config to consul

The code of the storeconfig command is here

Thank you @ldez
I tried searching github, and it points me to basically nothing. Sorry to be a bother, and thank you for your time.

You will probably get better results by cloning the repo, switching to the right branch and doing the file search.

Official Github documentation makes it clear that the web site indexes only the default branch for search, so your result is expected.

Thanks for the tip on the workflow @zespri