Storeconfig removed from 2.0 alpha8. Is there an alternative?

We run Traefik in a HA configuration and removing storeconfig in this commit prevents us from doing that without some sort of workaround. Are there any plans to put it or an alternative back, or am I missing something in the changelog?


Hi @Flanaganouche and welcome to the community forum :slight_smile:

Your question is related to this one about the KV Store, so will have for now the same answer: The current roadmap for everything that involves distributed features is to base them on the EE architecture.

It means that there is currently no plan to put it back into the 2.0 branch, and that Traefik EE is a supported alternative.

Hi @geraldcroes, thanks for getting back to me!

The post you linked states that

... You can still use multiple Traefik instances with your favorite KV store, we only removed the unstable and experimental part :slight_smile:

But the consul and etcd providers have been removed from the 2.0 branch on github, unless I'm missing something. Is it up to us to write code to use those KV stores?

Also, is the rest API being deprecated as well? This is pretty important for us.

I appreciate your help!

You're right, but worry not, these providers (KV Stores) will be re-introduced ASAP.

The Rest API is evolving, but is not deprecated

Ah, that's good news. Thanks again!

Hi, I realized the KV providers are missing from the final 2.0. Will they be re-added?

We want to reintroduce them, probably as soon as 2.1.

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