Route to dashboard with k8s service api

I've been experimenting with the new Kubernetes "Service API" (aka Gateway) and I'm really enjoying it. That said I cannot figure out how I should configure the services/routes to expose the dashboard in this way. The naive way of just pointing an HTTPRoute at the nonexistant api@local serviceName didn't work. I'm going to try a few more things but before I get to throwing the kitchen sink at it I thought I may as well ask, perhaps this is a known issue or perhaps there's an easy trick I could try?


I was able to get something by setting insecure and opening 8080 behind my front-end proxy with basic auth there. I hope that there's something better than that but if that's all I can get for now that's fine too.

Hello @jberger,

Thanks for testing the new and experimental gateway provider.

It's currently one of the limitations. You cannot reference a Traefik service in the ForwardTo of a Route.

That would be great if you can open an issue to propose this enhancement, thus I cannot foreshadow what would be the best approach to achieve that. This needs to be discussed. For instance, we can use the serviceName, but the backendRef can also be used to reference a TraefikService CRD.


For the future reader, I opened this ticket which has just recently been resolved by the implementers writing/merging this PR