Route magic with consul catalog services

We have consul-catalog with auto-registration services like {BRANCH}-{SERVICE}-{PORT}
For example, if service have 2 ports (http and special port for api) in consul it will be like:

I can manage traffic for single port via Service-Tag and catch Host parameter. For example
traefik.http.routers.service-name.rule=Host( )

But how to manage two ports? I add two EntryPoints - 80 and 8080, how to route traffic

from: to: my-awesome-feature-project-8080
from: to: my-awesome-feature-project-80

Thanks for any help!

In case you haven't solved this already, I think you'd have to register a second service in Consul.

On a related note, you can override the port to which Traefik will send traffic to backend servers, though it may not yet be in an official release: Override Consul port via tags. That might support a few more options for how you route traffic - you can define the port the service is listening on in the tags, or you could define it when your register the service in consul (the former being a use case if you're running Nomad, since the "service" stanza can be a little rigid in this area).