Traefik not finding services from consul

The docs are very very sparse on the traefik consul integeration.

For the Nomad job I have configured the following:

   args = [
     # "--log.level=DEBUG",
     # "--api.insecure=true",
     # consul
     # ports
     # redirects
     # certificats

and the content of consul looks like this:

  "consul": [],
  "mongodb": [],
  "nodejs": [
  "nomad": [
  "nomad-client": [
  "traefik": []

IIUC the prefix points to the node in consul - but it does not seem to pick up the service for the catalog. What am I missing?

Turns out this needs refers to the traefik.enable=true and therefor needs to be traefik.

On top of that I had to tag the service with the real port number:


Now it works!

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