Redirect to the similar paths for different dashboards

May be my question is not related to traefik but I am facing this issue.
I have three dashboards and two of them have same path which call by them internally.
And third dashboard call multiple paths internally. For e.g.

  • dashboard1 => /api/v1/services
  • dashboard2 => /api/v1/services
  • dashboard3 =>
    • /login
    • /logo.png
    • /vendor etc.

So if I used different sub domain names for each of them, then I am able to access this
dashboards using traefik. But I want to use same domain name for all dashboards.
Is there any way to do this?

You could map the dashboards to different paths and then route by path and use middleware stripprefix.

But it really depends on the application. If the application uses redirects or links that are absolute (not relative), and you can't configure the base URL, then it won't work. Then you can only use subdomains.