Traefik Dashboard /api path interference


I've got a little Problem here. Currently, I am accessing the traefik dashboard like this:

Host(``) && (PathPrefix(`/traefik`) || PathPrefix(`/api`))"

I am also running some other applications on different paths on the same subdomain.
But, as I tried to set up Portainer, which also uses the path /api for its UI, I knew that this will not work so easily.

My question is, if it's even possible to use both on one subdomain, or is the only solution moving one of them to its own.

Do it simple and set portainer in other FQDN.

On one domain would be so awesome, because it would be protected by Cloudflare access c:

Prolly changing traefik dashboard to another FQDN then :confused:

Use Traefik as a load balancer or a reverse proxy for microservices-based architecture. You also looked at the API and the dashboard available in Traefik .

Using a PathPrefix could be feasible, but finding the appropriate config item for portainer would be key.

What does the rule set look alike. Do I have to add all possible paths?

Can you explain a little more?


Usually you would set just one PathPrefix for it. But as I mention you will likely require configuration on the portainer side. Look in the portainer documentation for terms like reverse proxy, root url, base url, base path, root path

traefik.http.routers.yourroutername.rule: Host(`yourfqdn`) && PathPrefix(`/portainer`)