Configuring dashboard to run as site sub-path

I have a working docker swarm based Traefik 2.0 installation with HTTPS redirect and basic auth working for the dashboard.

However, I would like to relocate the dashboard so that it is accessible through a sub-path, e.g. instead of I would like

Whilst I can successfully implement a StripPath to remove the my-traefik path and then hit the right Traefik service, the issue is that the dashboard itself then originates a whole sequence of calls that do not have the my-traefik path.

We are running all sorts of services behind traefik and they all support configuration to run as a sub-path, e.g. JupyterHub, Grafana, Prometheus, RabbitMQ.

Is there a way to configure the Traefik api and dashboard so that they expect to be accessed via a user-defined sub-path?

I don't think it's possible at the moment. See

Many thanks @zespri. I’ll watch the github link for updates.