Per ingress read/write timeout

Hey y'all, is there a way to set read/write timeouts on a per ingress basis instead of globally?

I could not find any annotation that I can add to either the ingress or the service that will modify that behavior.

Thanks in advance.

Hello @feniix

The timeouts can be configured on a service level using ServerTransport resource. Here are links to our resources:

Please let me know if that is what you were looking for.

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Hi @jakubhajek thanks, that looks like what I was looking for, I hope it works as I expect :smiley: thanks!

Hi @jakubhajek I read the documentation and I could not find a setting that allows me to change the response timeout.

I am talking about entrypoint -> router -> service
something that tells the router to wait "longer" for a response from the service.

Hello @feniix

We have discussed that question internally and we would like to know what exactly problem are you trying to fix?

If there is something between Traefik and service there should be any information in the log file, do you have any error that could help us to provide you a solution?

Thank you,