How to configure keepalive/Timeout parameters in ingress/ingressroute!

Hi Team,

Currently in our k8s cluster 1.23, we are using traefik v2.5.3 version with ingressroute + middleware(pathprefixstrip) to route to our backend application. Routing is working fine to the backend app.


For the requests that takes less time to process, we get proper response. However, for the requests, that takes more than 3 minutes to process, though backend app processes the request successfully, at receiver's end, request gets timed out with message : Response Timed Out

While testing through postman, we get socket hung up exception.

So I deployed traefik 2.5.3 version with below parameters configured. Still the issue persists.

Can we please assist how to configure the same properties in ingress & ingressroute ?

  1. For ingressroute, I think the configuration gets appended in CRD - please correct me, if I am wrong.
  2. I don't find any annotations with respect to this. How to configure the same through ingress ?
  3. Does idleTimeout parameter suffice the requirement of keepalive property ?
  4. How to configure keepalive property in ingress / ingressroute ?

A quick response would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.