K3s externalTrafficPolicy local timeouts

Hi All,
Just looking for a bit of advice on this one.
Not quite the usual post about getting the real-x-ip, but related.
I had this all perfectly setup, with most of my applications using ClusterIP services.
I have previously setup x-forwarding so IPs were being forwarded correctly to pods, and then using ipwhitelist to deny external access to certain applications.
I had externalTrafficPolicy for the traefik service set to local, all good.
Then "something" happened, and all applications were timing out. Changed back to Cluster mode and all the services are now up, albeit without the correct IPs.
I have some understanding that timeouts could be caused by pods not being present on nodes, although I have tried increasing some pods to 3 replicas with loadbalancer services (I have 3 nodes) but this doesn't seem to work either.
Anyone have any ideas on what to try or where to look?
As it's K3s, the kube-proxy are part of the main process so I can't find the proxy logs...
I can see it running in /var/log/messages:

Apr 25 15:06:59 k3s-master k3s[1671]: time="2024-04-25T15:06:59+01:00" level=info msg="Running kube-proxy --cluster-cidr= --conntrack-max-per-core=0 --conntrack-tcp-timeout-close-wait=0s --conntrack-tcp-timeout-established=0s --healthz-bind-address= --hostname-override=k3s-master --kubeconfig=/var/lib/rancher/k3s/agent/kubeproxy.kubeconfig --proxy-mode=iptables"

Any help appreciated, thanks :slight_smile: