Multiple Traefik Servers Load-balancing

I have a unique configuration that I am having trouble with. I have two Traefik servers, one load balancing Docker and sending non-docker requests to the second server. Both use a cert resolver with Cloudflare, each have a different Cloudflare account. This is configured this way because there are two domains with two owners and Traefik cannot support multiple Cloudflare accounts.

The flow is like this: All requests come in on Traefik-1 Traefik-1 load balances non-docker requests and sends it to Traefik-2 Traefik-1 does not generate any certs and forwards the request over https Traefik-2 will then forward the request to the final destination

Problem is when the request is forwarded from Traefik-1 to Traefik-2 the cert for that domain is not used and traefik serves the default SSL cert.

However, if I do not go through Traefik-1 then traefik will use the correct cert. But again, the way the network is configured, all traffic needs to go through Traefik-1 since there is only one external IP available.

Is there a way to configure the load balancer to use the correct cert on the second traefik server?

Hi @bwilson11, it"s hard to guess what can be wrong without looking at the configuration files for both Traefik instances, including the dynamic configuration for the router that does the pass through from Traefik 1 to Traefik 2.

If you can attach it I could take a quick look :wink: