Load balance in front of traefik on swarm

I have a swarm with 3 manager nodes each running traefik v2. My vps provider has a load balancer offering I'd like to use to front my nodes. I can configure http and/or https, my issue is the setup requires I paste my SSL certificate in, but i have dozens of lets-encrypt certs for my various subdomains served behind traefik. So, how do I proceed? What cert do I upload into the provider's https config?

IMHO if you want to use the capability of traefik to manage let's encrypt certificates you can't use the loadbalancer of the provider as an SSL endpoint. I think you should use a TCP load balancer to spread the load on multiple traefik services.

This article covers setting up Traefik in a distributed system, including distributed HTTPS certificates: https://dockerswarm.rocks/traefik/