Can Traefik be configured to use two SSL certs [one for internet access and one for LAN access]?

Hi Everyone,

Sorry if this is not the right place for this, but I'm at wits end. In short, is it possible to set up ACME for a cert that is to be used for my local LAN but otherwise use a certificate from Cloudflare?

I am currently hosting about 10 or so services on my home server using Traefik. I've been using Cloudflare and rather than use the Let's Encrypt certs that Traefik can generate, I've been using Cloudflare's SSL and their Origin Certificate to protect traffic from Traefik to/from Cloudflare.

I realized the other day that my while my LAN is running on a Gigabit switch, I only have about 10Mbps upload to the internet with my ISP. For this reason, I'd like to be able to access my services from my home network as well. I've configured my local DNS server to have all local DNS queries for my domain be routed to Traefik, but the issue is the SSL configuration. The SSL cert from cloudflare is intended only for web server to/from cloudflare - so it's not trusted by any of my browsers/devices.

Is it possible to set up Traefik to generate a cert for say plex.lan and use Cloudflare's cert for

The easiest thing to do is to direct your browser to trust CloudFlare Origin cert. Otherwise set up another traefik instance in front of your first traefik, use insecureSkipVerify option to connect the second traefik to the first, and generate acme certs on the second traefik.