Hub-agent connection refused while publishing service

Hello everyone! Can't make even published whoami work
in traefik hub everything seems fine, but in docker logs i see error {"level":"error","error":"dial: dial tcp connect: connection refused","tunnel_id":"27d59ab1-9321-4b10-9b04-5656ccd22637","time":1679699062,"message":"Launch tunnel"} {"level":"error","error":"dial: dial tcp connect: connection refused","tunnel_id":"9c28ab27-749e-4623-b821-e78a60ba6a6e","time":1679699062,"message":"Launch tunnel"}
It pops up every minute or so

Hi @den10b, thanks for your interest in Traefik Hub!

Could you increase log level to DEBUG on the agent and post the output?

One more question, are you on a network which only supports https for outgoing connections?