Traefik HUB discovering services


I've started trying Traefik HUB as I wanted to expose some internal web services (already proxied by Traefik internally) through a public domaine.

I'm Using Traefik 2.9.1 with Traefik HUB 0.80 with docker compose.

Traefik is behing configured using file provider.
On Hub, I could only see 3 services that were containers running in the same machine.
Is it planned to add possibility for Traefik HUB to fetch configuration from Traefik directly ? (since it's already talking to it).
Currently only seeing services on the current server is a bit limiting.

Also, during setup I've had some errors because my firewall was blocking some request the HUB was trying to make.

{"level":"error","error":"dial: dial tcp i/o timeout","tunnel_id":"22b6cc67-dde6-49c1-98d0-46bff9b08043","time":1666124878,"message":"Launch tunnel"}
{"level":"error","error":"dial: dial tcp i/o timeout","tunnel_id":"46f2c97a-ca31-4677-86c5-0e9d156c44fb","time":1666124938,"message":"Launch tunnel"}

I think it should be mentionned in the documentation that the 2 IPs and port 8080 must be opened.

Thanks in advance,

Hey @mathieuHa,

thanks for your post :slight_smile:

Traefik Hub with Docker is meant to be used for development like purposes. In those scenario, containers typically just run on the same machine.

We tried (internally) first with the agent fetching services from Traefik. We dismissed that idea because the UX was a bit strange. Having to expose things on Traefik first in order to use them with Hub.

That being said, we are looking for more feedback / use-cases like that so we can see how we can potentially improve those as well.

For the Ports: We'll add it to the docs. Thanks for the find!