How would traefik work with a PHP web-app (like Symfony)? Do I need nginx?

Just a general question - what services do I need to handle this? I guess I need PHP-FPM, but do I need nginx or another reverse proxy as well? Because I've seen people do this:

[traefik] ---> [nginx] ---> [php-fpm] ---> [php app]

I thought I could just do something like this:

[traefik] ---> [php-fpm] ---> [php app]

I haven't used PHP and php-fpm in a while. What's the best way here? Do I need another reverse proxy??

Yes I believe so. I know that Traefik v1 does not support FastCGI protocol, so assume the same for v2.

Nginx or Apache will do the trick to bridge the gap.