Replacing Apache/Nginx/Caddy with Traefik for Use with PHP


I am currently exploring the configuration of my web server and considering the use of Traefik. At present, I use Caddy in conjunction with PHP to serve my content. In this context, I have several questions:

  1. Can Traefik serve as a complete replacement for an Apache, Nginx, or Caddy web server, especially in combination with PHP?
  2. If I deploy Traefik as my primary reverse proxy, would it be advisable to completely replace Caddy, or should I continue using Caddy for certain tasks?
  3. Are there significant response time impacts when using Traefik in conjunction with an additional reverse proxy like Caddy?

I am looking for insights and recommendations to determine the best architecture for my needs. Thank you in advance for your support.

Traefik is only a reverse proxy, not a web server, so it cannot serve pure PHP files.

But you can use a PHP-Apache container to serve the files behind Traefik.

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