Dumb questions from a newbie


I've been programming for 40 years and worked with, for and on the web since 1995, and I do have a ok grasp of most of the fundamentals. But I'm not at all a Linux administrator and despite several encounters over the decades with various Unix and Linux variants I myself have never really installed or used one for real.
Programming was always only a part of what I have done, but for several reasons it shifted increasingly towards being what I mostly do. What I do is mostly web related and I worked alone or in smaller teams when programming most of the time. My main machine is a windows desktop and my second one is a MacBook.

Running a XAMPP on my windows machine and making it reachable from the web via dyn(dns) proved to be an efficient and 'good enough' solution for some years now.


For a new project I need/want to work with a slightly larger team (eventually) and we need a synchronized environment, so it was time for me to check out (docker) containers and I'm slowly getting a grip on it. One problem though is that we need SSL to run in the container as browsers don't allow a lot of things outside secure contexts. I did some research and asked around and the most promising approach I found was using Traefik. (For several reasons, one of them is to avoid complexity we will likely start our project with self-signed certificates in Apache).
But Traefik really looks great to me and the perfect tool to achieve what Apache virtual hosts could not or only in overly complicated ways so I'm wondering how I can start using it. (Without changing a proven setup completely)


I would love to keep my XAMPP running for the time being, but it feels likely that I will make use of docker more often in the future and that I will find the need to make those (temporarily) visible from the outside.

Is my idea that having Traefik running, grabbing all incoming requests, and routing them to XAMPP or one of the running containers correct and somehow feasible?

Obviously, I cannot install it on my windows computer directly. It seems 'easy enough' to run it in a container, but I'm wondering if it wouldn't be better to run it in the windows subsystem for Linux (WSL2) as it could run even when I don't need Docker Desktop to run.

Is it a good idea to try to run Traefik in WSL2 directly instead of a docker container?

If so which distribution should I choose and how would I best start trying?

Thank you very much for reading.