Let me introduce myself - and my goal

I just want to say hello in this first post here.
For years now I have been running Swag (linuxserver.io) as a reverse proxy, it has been working flawlessly up until it is almost boring.
Before I choose Swag I was looking into to Traefik v1 and really did not like the toml... so I went elsewhere.
But Traefik2 and all what that can do is way more interesting and it so happens that I am about to rebuild my network and what better time to swap reverse proxy? :slight_smile:
So my goal is (I guess crazy simple) is to host Traefik2 in an docker-compose, hosting two domains, with Cloudflares SSL. My wish for Traefik is to handle ~5 subdomains to different docker containers.
I'd say that is enough about me for now, oh yeah sometimes I do put stuff to writing, https://privetdrive.net

Yeah so if anyone has a good blog post och YT video how to do this, I would be very appreciative to get a link to it.