How to use let’s encrypt DNS Challenge with multiple [RFC2136] providers?

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thanks for the quick but short answer. And for immediately closing the original topic.

You said 'one DNS provider == one credential'.
So is it possible with different providers (as I asked)?

Or did you mean 'one traefik instance == one credential'?

In this case a 'provider' is the type rfc2136, route53, digitalocean, azure, etc.
So you can define multiple providers, but not multiple of the same provider.

If it is a blocker may I suggest investigating the exec provider or the http providers.

Sorry / Not-Sorry . As new topics now close 3 days after last reply I'm closing resurrected threads.

Me too. I didn't want to create a new topic, that's why I use this old one. But because I couldn't ask you, I had to open a new topic now.

In this case a 'provider' is the type rfc2136 , route53 , digitalocean , azure , etc.
So you can define multiple providers, but not multiple of the same provider.

Understand, because the variables are prefixed (RFC2136_*).

Didn't understand this. I can't find any solution to define multiple environment variables, neither in the exec provider nor the http providers. Wouldn't it be better if you could set the variables in the corresponding certificatesResolver? I think they actually belong there. Maybe I should make a feature request.

Thoughts on the exec provider are you can write your own script/program to complete the RCF2136 update. Definitely not as elegant but likely to work. The script/program has to be mounted or included along with any dependencies with a dockerfile.

Similar idea with the httpreq provider, instead create an http service to do your bidding.

Great idea. I've only seen it come up on the forums once before.
Indexing them like is done with the options seems semi workable.

Sounds pretty difficult, maybe if I had more time...

I've made a request (#7365). Was quickly closed due to duplicate of # 5472. Unfortunately.

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