Multiple DNS Challenges with Multiple Domains

I know i can configure multiple certresolvers.
But how can i provide multiple credentials for dnsChallenge per resolver.

For example:
if i have multiple DNS Zones at route53 that i want to work with traefik.

Is this possible ?

I don't use the dnsChallenge resolver myself but it does look like 1 resolver per zone_id.

So instead of thinking resolver==route53 you would be thinking resolverA=zoneA_route53. resolverB=zoneB_route53.

i totally agree but how to get the resolver secrets into traefik.
At the moment i am using the ENV Variables - and i can onyl use them once.

Good point. Lets see if @ldez has any ideas.

It's not possible to use multiple credentials: one DNS provider == one credential

ok, thats too bad.
So its simply not possible to use one traefik instance for multiple route53 DNS Zones with LE DNS-Challenge.

How about indexing Environment Variables ?

The router53 provider is based on the aws client, in this case the env vars are managed by the AWS client it-self.