One Traefik for multiple domains and subdomains with different poviders possible?

I'm struggling with a design question for my new system. Since I want to deploy some NodeJs sites on the same external IP address through https I'm thinking about leveraging Traefik for that.

I plan to get LetsEncrypt certificates for different domains that are hosted on different providers. All of them have access to an API and I'm using so far got get and renew those certificates. As a list:

DNS for example and example2 is managed by provider1 and example3 by provider2.

I tried to offload everything by using cert-manager in kubernetes and found out, that my providers are not supported there as DNS-01 solvers, but they do so in Traefik.

Design wise, I could have one Trafik installation for provider1 and another one on a diffrent IP address for provider2. I could simplify things further by not using kubernetes at all, and use the docker container for Traefik, but I liked the redundancy there. Ideally I don't have to rerun Trafik with a different file with each domain, but do everything through some kind of Ingres when deploying the server.

Maybe everything is achievable by one Traefik installation, but I can't figure out all the moving parts for that. Does anybody use it as a solution for the same problem?

Can anybody help with this? Still struggling

I don’t think that a single Traefik instance supports multiple certResolver for dnsChallenge at the same time. You could simply use tlsChallenge, but then no wildcard is possible.