How to configure External-DNS and Traefik v2.2?

With Traefik v2.2 now supports Ingress, is it now possible that Traefik supports External-DNS? Is there a way to support External-DNS with IngressRoute instead?

I figured it out!!! I'm so excited because I finally have kubernetes, metallb, cert-manager, traefik v2.2, and external-dns working together in an automated fashion! I can create my k8s service, ingress, and external name service. The external service has external-dns create the DNS entry. The ingress with annotations will automatically have cert-manager create LetsEncrypt certificate. Traefik is working through metallb. It just all finally works smoothly! I don't use traefik's IngressRoute because traefik v2.2 finally supports ingress again. I plan to write up the complete start-to-finish on how I did this, but I want to take a short break from the constant 4-5 weeks it took to finally solve this.


I would be very interested in seeing how you tied all this together.

hey :slight_smile:

Can you share that with me? I'm having troubles to follow :slight_smile: You know have it all working together, including Traefik 2.2 as an Ingress Controller with external-dns, right?

I am currently putting together my guide at:

Please be aware that this is an on-going process.

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