Traefik an External-DNS

I'm trying to use Traefik on GKE with External-DNS.

External-DNS seems to rely on the ADDRESS field in the ingress object to update the DNS record. This is filled out with the nginx-ingress, but not with Traefik.

I've installed Traefik from the Helm chart, with pretty much defaults for now.

Hello @chriscowley,

To allow Traefik to work with External-DNS, you need to set the ingressEndpoint configuration appropriately.

There are a bunch of helm values that will allow you to configure that through helm.

Thanks @daniel.tomcej, that "sort of" works.

If I set the IP in traefik.toml, then it works fine.

      ip = "<ip-from-traefik-service"

That is not ideal however, because I would rather tie it to the service.

Setting kubernetes.ingressEndpoint.useDefaultPublishedService: true in my values file populates traefik.toml with:

    namespaces = ["default", "monitoring", "logging"]
      publishedService = "tools/ingress-controller-traefik"

That corresponds to the correct service. However, in the ingress object, the Address field stays empty.

Ignore previous comment. The namespace with traefik in was not being watched by traefik. That's why it failed.

Now on to the Acme config