Traefik2 and Cert Manager

Hi Traefik Community.

I'm having a tough go at getting cert manager to work with Traefik.

My setup:
metallb 0.10.3
cert manager 1.6.1
traefik2 2.5.3

What happens:

  1. Request a cert
  2. Cert manager spins up a challenge solver
  3. An ingress is created with a traefik-cert-manager class
  4. All tries from letsencrypt get 404 instead of 200

I get an error in the ingress : Name: cm-acme-http-solver-xxxx Namespace: bitwarden Address: Default backend: default -http-backend:80 (<error: endpoints "default-http-backend" not found>)

Things I've tried:

I have sometimes been successful if I create an Ingress Route manually after the cert request spins up.

Once I get cersts all my other services with explicit IngressRoutes work.

Thanks for any help you folks can provide. I'm sure this is a common question but I think my request is a bit different from what is already posted.