Helm Chart Deployment can't access anything

Deployed Traefik with the latest Helm chart to a raspberry pi runing k3 cluster using self signed certificates and cert-manager as a certificate store

No errors in logs all seems well

Following configurations:

  • Create CA cert, download the cert to windows machine add to trusted root
  • Add traefik.cluster.lab to Hosts file on windows machine to point to the k3 master node
  • Added DHCP reservation for K3Master on router

From browser I get

From postman get to https://traefik.cluster.lab I get
Error: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND traefik.cluster.lab

Any guidance would really appreciate it not sure why hosts file is being ignored I have no proxies setup as far as I know

Instead of adding entries to /etc/hosts I would try to use nip.io and map my IP address accordingly. It is pretty useful dynamic DNS and it is perfect for creating a domain for testing purposes.