Proxy Pods do not become ready

if i install the helm chart with

$ helm install --upgrade traefik-mesh traefik-mesh/traefik-mesh --set controller.image.pullPolicy=IfNotPresent --set clusterDomain=thezebra.mesh

I get these errors:

[traefik-mesh-proxy-592lx] time="2022-11-15T21:53:15Z" level=error msg="Provider connection error cannot fetch configuration data: Get \"http://traefik-mesh-controller.mesh.svc.thezebra.mesh:9000/api/configuration/current\": dial tcp: lookup traefik-mesh-controller.mesh.svc.thezebra.mesh on no such host, retrying in 1.376288206s" providerName=http

If i remove the clusterDomain the proxies startup okay. I didn't dig into the coredns config to see if it wasn't being updated properly, but i do see the begin/end blocks in there now for the working config (no clusterDomain)

is this just somethign dumb i was doing?

Hello @mjhaller and thanks for your interest in Traefik Mesh,

Did you setup your Kubernetes cluster to use the thezebra.mesh domain instead of the cluster.local one? See Customizing DNS Service | Kubernetes for more details.

Hope this helps!