Deploying ALB on EKS using Traefik Helm chart

I am trying to deploy an ALB to EKS using the latest Traefik chart, but it keeps deploying a classic load balancer.

The first thing I had to do, was to provision EKS for an ALB, and I followed the documentation from here : Application load balancing on Amazon EKS - Amazon EKS.

My values file I'm passing in, includes the following annotation (only pasting a small section of the file) - replaced the forwards slash with a space :
enabled: true
type: LoadBalancer

Additional annotations (e.g. for cloud provider specific config)

annotations: ingress.class: alb scheme: internal certificate-arn: <aws_arn_cert>

However, it seems as if the ALB load balancer only works with an ingress controller and not a service controller.

Has anyone managed to deploy an ALB using Traefik v2 from a Helm chart? I would love to get the steps to do so.



I would like to do the same thing, any tips? Have you given up and used NLB?

The only possible way I can see is to write your own Helm chart that deploys the Ingress with AWS Load Balancer Controller in the background and use the Traefik Helm chart as a dependancy within your own.

I carried out something similar for Prometheus in the past to use EFS storage deploying my own persistent volume. Its not the best but would work