EKS Traefik Ingress Controller with Application Load Balancer

Hi Team,

Could you please share the right blog/documentation to follow and configure traefik ingress controller in my EKS Cluster?
My requirements are -

  • Application Load Balancer ONLY for SSL Termination and attach right security groups.
  • Traefik Ingress Controller to wrap rules for Ingress Routing.
  • Looking at the possibility of EKS Mixed Mode Deployment (Node Group + Fargate).

Please note that I have created the EKS Cluster, need help on the Ingress controller.

Thanks & Regards,

Hi @sameermeher

Thank you for asking that question. There is no blog post that specifically described that topic. However, maybe you could find some of the value-adds in my recent workshop Getting Started with Traefik where I tried to explain how to start with Traefik on Kubernetes.

If you deploy Treaefik using Helm on EKS, there will classic AWS ELB created. Traefik will become the main Ingress Controller for your cluster and you can start adding Kubernetes Ingress object or IngressRoute (CRD from Traefik) depending on your needs.

Here are just a few of the advantages of using Traefik:

  • easier configuration/service discovery
  • single point TLS termination
  • platform-agnostic (you can move to a different cloud provider and keep the same config and knowledge
  • dev and cost-friendly - how do you test an Azure/Google/AWS LB route locally?

Please let me know if you would like to explore the topic deeper.

Thank you, Jakub