Custom middleware with any language? Yes!

Hi there!

First version of the middleware 'Bridge' was released.

This middleware can send requests to your services, modify the original request and interrupt it!

A small example for custom middleware with PHP and Laravel framework.

Add to routes/api.php

use Illuminate\Http\Request;
use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Route;

Route::post('/auth', function (Request $request) {

    $response = [
        '2' => [
            'X-Foo' => 'Bar',

    return response()->json($response);

Run the Laravel application

php artisan serve --port 8008

Add middleware Bridge to your Traefik configuration with options:

address: ''

Call the Traefik (in my case the Traefik listen :8000 port)

curl -v http://localhost:8000

See to response headers

< X-Foo: Bar

It works! )

More documentation on the plugin page

Any examples of writing plugins in say, lua, or powershell?

Ok) With any language, which can start http server. And lua, for example, can do it)