Custom middleware for Traefik2 - lua script!

Hi, everyone.

Until maintainers decided with custom middlewares for Traefik, i made a repo

It allows to make Lua script and:

  • get request data (uri, method, headers)
  • add request headers
  • add response headers
  • stop the request and return your own response code and body

It's official support post for this middleware

Waiting for any advice. And, of course - your PRs

An issue for more information

PS: get request data in progress)

Hi there!
I did update the project with breaking changes and add new module!

  • Module http renamed to traefik
  • added module http for make HTTP calls to remote services!

Updated info about API see on the github repo

I just testes this on docker and works great.
Do you have an config example for kubernetes?
Do you "import" the script as a secret and mount it or can you specify it in the middleware declaration?

I will try to research this case. I will answer in your Issue on Github