Custom middleware for validating JWT


As I understand it is not yet possible to create custom plugins/middlewares for traefik. So I guess this leaves me to try to fork and extend the current code base in order to implement a JWT token validator. I understand that I can use the ForwardAuth for this, but my intent is to learn the internals of Traefik also.

Does anyone have any pointers for me regarding where to start.


Greetings, are you aware that the EE version of Traefik offers this functionality?

To answer your question, you may find the discussion in this issue helpful on getting started with implementing this yourself:

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@blendsdk and for what it's worth, my crystal ball is saying that support for custom middlewares for traefik is not coming.

@zespri The team has been hard at work putting the foundation in place for this to work with Yaegi. We're expecting a beta soon, but as with all things software development it's hard to say exactly when.

@notsureifkevin That's unexpected, exciting and awesome! Thank you so much for sharing!
Any more info on how this is going to work? Any examples? What API for pluggability is going to look like? I understand that it's likely not finalised, but would be interested in hearing current thoughts.

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